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About Us / What to Bring

The Sequoians is a family friendly clothes-free nudist park in a beautiful oak, bay and madrone foothill forest. We are located in a warm micro-climate in the center of the East Bay, near San Francisco. Our secluded club offers a secure and safe environment to enjoy social nude recreation. The Sequoians is a cooperative corporation operated by the members. Our members are the foundation of our Club and we all strive to make your visit friendly and enjoyable. The members share a variety of occupations and lifestyles. Some are married and some are single, young and old, and with and without children.

We all share the desire to participate in social nudism. Nude recreation is surprisingly relaxing and freeing. Though nobody´s physically "perfect", we´re all completely accepted just as we are. A day at Sequoians can relieve the stress in your everyday life. We value the diversity of every member, visitor and guest.

The Sequoians is the oldest established nudist facility in the Bay Area, incorporated in 1947. We are members of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and International Naturist Federation (INF).

What to bring with you

  • If this is your first visit to The Sequoians, you’ll need to bring a picture ID.
  • If you´re an AANR or other affiliated member, bring your membership card.
  • A towel as it is nudist etiquette to have a towel to sit on.
  • Sun block – we recommend you bring one strong enough for the areas that have not been privy to the sun’s rays before. Children should have an extra strong waterproof sun block.
  • Hat and sunglasses, especially if you are sun sensitive.
  • A cover-up, wrap or sweatshirt/jacket for chilly days/nights or when you’ve had too much sun.
  • Flip flops or sandals for the pool area.
  • If you are a hiker, many of our trails are in sunny areas. Make sure to bring plenty of water for your hike. Bring clothing to cover up when passing through public property on the trail.
  • Any shoes or athletic equipment you will need for hiking, playing paddle tennis, or volleyball.
  • A light travel bag to carry your towel and other personal items (such as shampoo, lotions).
  • A book, game or other forms of leisure activities.
  • Beverages and food as there is no restaurant at the club.
  • Alcohol is allowed, but please use moderation and common sense. Glass bottles or containers are not allowed in the pool and hot tub areas.
  • Food for the Saturday night pot luck.
  • Leave your camera at home. We strongly restrict cameras to certain areas and by registration only. In any circumstance, it’s NOT something to bring on an initial visit.